Venus Collection: Golden Leaf Link Necklace


The Venus Collection - An Ode to the Godess of Love

In Vogue

Venus- the Goddess of Love. Elememts of Nature. Romance and Beauty. Shades of the Sea. Rose and Myrtle.

Evolved Craft

For centuries Handcrafted Jewellery has held an important place in indian culture. With most great rulers being big patrons of the craft the tradition of making jewellery using copper, clay, ivory and even wood has incorporated precious metals like silver and gold. Caravan works with traditional artisans and combines this ingenious skill with a contemporary language to create stunning handcrafted jewellery.

The Ensemble

You can't go wrong with rubies on gold for a festive ensemble. Pair this unique necklace with a dress or with your ethinic attire. Add on earrings to go.


Product Details

  • Product Venus Collection Golden Leaf Link Necklace
  • Colour Gold with Ruby Red
  • Material 925 Sterling Silver. 2 Micron Gold Plating. Ruby Stones.
  • Best For Festive Occasions.

Made in India. Authentic craft source.

Handcrafted Silver

Artists of traditional dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Odhisi and Kathak use elaborate handcrafted jewellery as part of their presentations. Click Here to know more about the tradition of making handcrafted jewellery.