Splendour Collection : Marori Wine Glass Large Set of Two


The Splendour Collection - Lively Home Accents

In Vogue

Traditional Indian Ornamentation. Coloured Lacquer. Royal Grandeour.

Evolved Craft

Marori and Charkwan are two metal engraving crafts that evolved as a result of the amalgamation of Mughal and Rajput influences on art. In this technique, a blunt chisel is used to trace imprints of the design on to the metal surface which is then filled and fused with coloured laquer. Caravan makes a fine living accent with the ornate opulence of this intricate craft .


Product Details

  • Contents Set of 2 Wine Glasses
  • Colour Royal Gold
  • Material Brass Metal. Black Lacquer. Chrome Plating.
  • Design Detail Intricate Marori lacquer work on body. Rich gold colour. Chrome plating on the inside.

Promoting Indian Craftsmanship

Handcrafted in Rajasthan. Authentic Craft Source.

Marori and Charkhwan

Marori work has striking contrast of patterns on a lacquered background, however,when the pattern is lacquered and the background is in copper or brass the work is called Chrakwan. Click Here to read more about this unique form of metal engraving.