Havana Collection: Leather Laptop Bag with Buckle


The Havana Collection - Natural Flair.

In Vogue

Unpolished. Organic Looking Natural Material. Practical Utility.

Evolved Craft

The tradition of making handcrafted leather utility products with the hides of animals such as deer and camel have been traced back to the Indus Valley Civilisation. Leather has been used to make many utility and decor productsover centuries. Caravan sources the finest quality of vegetable tanned leather to bring you accessories in contemporary designs.

The Ensemble

Classic tan leather accessories in the finest vegetable tanned leather. Easy to add on to any ensemble, classic or semi formal for utility and style.


Product Details

  • Colour Tan
  • Material Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • Description Laptop Bag with Buckle Detail. 13" Laptop Sleeve. Adjustable Shoulder Strap. Multiple Utility Pockets.
  • Design Detail Cushioned Laptop Sleeve. Adjustable Shoulder Strap. Multiple Utility Pockets. Metallic Trims in Antique Gold Colour.

Made in India. Authentic craft source.

Handcrafted Leather

Vegetable Tanning is the process of making leather using natural resins and extracts to tan hides. Click Here to know more about handcrafted leather.