Elemental Collection: Jamdani Muslin Stole with Overall Square Motif


The Elemental Collection - Evolved Timeless Essentials

In Vogue

Soft Self. Inner Rhythms. Clean Geometry. Subtle Shifts.

Evolved Craft

Jamdani , the age old technique of weaving patterns into fabrics, flourished in Bengal during the Mughal rule. Each intricate motif is added separately by hand, interlacing threads straight onto the warp. Caravan brings a contemporary avatar of this exquisite craft form with innovative motifs and a sophisticated design language.

Fine Muslin fabric from the heart of Bengal to suit the look and feel of modern day textiles. Working in collaboration with the skilled weavers of Bardhaman, Caravan brings a variety of sophisticated re-engineered weaves that add strength to the gentle caress of this legendary textile form.

The Ensemble

Pair this with a clean formal shirt and fitted trousers with minimal jewellery to accesorise for a clean formal look.


Product Details

  • Colour Black
  • Material Muslin
  • Description Jamdani Muslin Stole
  • Design Detail Tonal Jamdani Square Motifs. Bold Contrast Coloured Selvedge. Hand Done Tassles on Ends.

100% Cotton Fabric. Gentle on skin. Made in India. Authentic craft source.

Wash Care

Mild Detergent Wash. Hand Wash. Do Not Soak. Wash with Like Colors. Shade Dry.


Abu Fazal’s Ain-e-Akbari provides a detailed account of the patronage Jamdani weaving received during emperor Akbar’s reign. Click Here to explore this exquisite craft from the heart of Bengal.


Muslin yarn is hand spun only before dawn or after dusk, as the delicate yarn can snap in the heat of the sun! Click Here to explore the fine weaves of Bengal Muslin.