iMakehistory: 1 artisan voucher

The Cause

Our heritage and artisan communities need to be increasingly relevant for modern society. To this end, Caravan works towards a sophisticated language for Indic crafts. Every Caravan product has a handcrafted element from a traditional Indian craft cluster. To achieve precision and consistent quality, which is the hallmark of Caravan, artisan communities are up-skilled to achieve the level of desired sophistication.

The Movement

So far Caravan has trained close to 20,000 artisans across 32 distinct craft clusters. This is just the beginning. There is so much more that can be done! If you believe this is the right path for sustained value creation for our artisans,we welcome you to support us in our endeavour. This is your opportunity to commit to the preservation and sustenance of our heritage. Join Caravan in its journey through India's towns and villages breathing new life into ancient crafts; combining age-old techniques with modern designs to create contemporary products that bring a touch of magic into our lives today. Get to know the nimble-fingered creators and feel the pulse of Caravan as you sponsor artisan training workshops for craftspeople whose families have been practising age-old crafts for generations. Caravan's design team works with the artisans to bring to life contemporary products that stand out for their style and elegance. During the training sessions, the artisans are exposed to what the present customer seeks. Their techniques are updated and their skill sets aligned to remain relevant in today's world. Partner Caravan to give them this opportunity and receive regular updates on the workshops and training sessions. Once complete, you will have your pick of the gorgeous creations that bridge our rich past with the glamour and functional sophistication of today, Or, choose any product from Caravan's wide range of apparel, jewellery and gifts that have found appeal with a growing base of loyal customers around the world.

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Product Details

  • Product iMake History 1 Artisan Voucher
  • Impact Support the training of one artisan. During the course of the term you would get a first hand report into the artisan up-skilling programme that your contribution supports.
  • Duration 6 Months.

Artisan Engagement

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