Munchkins Collection: Channapatna Heads Tails Etc Snail Hippo Caterpillar

The Munchkins Collection

Creative Imagination Toy

Evolved Craft

The exquisite lacquerware of Channapatna has rightly earned it the renowned title of being the Toy Town of India. Caravan redesigns the product range and colour palette to suit the needs of a discerning customer, making the tradition viable amidst modern aesthetics and utility choices.

A set of heads and tails of three creatures from the animal kingdom made in wood. Your child will love to mix and match them to create funny and strange new animals.


Product Details

  • Contents 1 Wooden Snail (2 parts), 1 Wooden Hippo(3 parts) and 1 Wooden Caterpillar ( 3 parts)
  • Colour Multi-colour
  • Suitable For Age: 3+
  • Material Natural Wood and Vegetable Dyed Lacquer
  • Features Channapatna Lacquerware. No Sharp Edges. Natural Wood. Mix and Match Puzzle. Free 3d Sticker Inside.

Promoting Indian Craftsmanship

Handcrafted In Channapatna Using Natural Dyes and Colours Authentic Craft Source.


The Sultans of Mysore, Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali, loved to experiment with machinery and encouraged the use of lathes for lacquer work in Channapatna. Click Here to know more about this vibrant craft from the Toy Town of India.