Sava Collection: Filigree Snowflake Ear Studs


The Sava Collection - The Alluring Essence of Petals

In Vogue

Geometry in Nature. Delicate Edges. Tasselated Arrangements.

Evolved Craft

Delicate Filigree shapes crafted in thin silver wires are skillfully crafted by the artisans of Cuttack and Karimnagar. This intricate craft that finds place in traditional cultural costumes and rituals finds an all new expression in Caravan's contemporary jewellery. With floral and abstract motifs in varied forms, revisit the traditional craft with an exquisite design sensibility.

The Ensemble

Pair these delicate snowflake earrings with fresh hues of blue or pristine white. Easy to use for everyday casuals or a simple accessory for a day out.


Product Details

  • Product Filigree Snowflake Ear Studs
  • Colour Silver
  • Material 925 Sterling Silver.
  • Best For Everyday Wear.

Made in India. Authentic craft source.


The Filigree patterns created by Indian artisans today are the same as those crafted by the ancient Greeks. Click Here to know more about this intricate craft.