Mohenjodaro Collection: Dhokra Limited Edition Long Danglers


The Mohenjodaro Collection - Indus Legend Retold

In Vogue

Rustic Simplicity. Art Deco Influence. Modern Luxury.

Evolved Craft

Almost 4000 years old, this art of lost wax metal casting has been named after the Dhokra craftsmen that practice it. Settled primarily in West Bengal, Odhisha and Jharkhand the artisans still create masterpieces in the same primitive technique. Caravan takes the bold form and folk motifs of this craft to a sophisticated fashion high with its limited edition jewellery collection.

The Ensemble

This Limited Edition Collection is perfect to make an effortless style statement with its juxtaposition of rustic simplicity and refined craftmanship. Add this to a dress or to your classics, the dazzling CZ work never fails to catch an eye.


Product Details

  • Product Dhokra Limited Edition Long Cone Danglers with Handset CZ
  • Colour Gold And Silver
  • Material Brass Cast Metal. 925 Sterling Silver. White CZ.
  • Best For Festive Occasions.

Made in India. Authentic craft source.


The name Dhokra is taken from the name of the tribe of artisans, Dhokra Damar, which practises the primitive lost-wax metal casting technique. Artefacts recovered from Mohenjodaro reveal the early existence of this craft. Click Here to know more about this ancient craft form.