Moonlight Collection: Bidri Square Coasters Set Of Two


The Moonlight Collection - Poetry in Silver

In Vogue

Monochrome. Solid Geometry. Moroccan Mosaic. Clean Lines.

Evolved Craft

Striking contrast of sterling silver lines enlaid on natural black alloy are the highlight of this centuries old indigenous craft that has earned Bidar, a quaint little town in the north of Karnataka, a Geographical Indicator status. Working closely with Bidri artisans, Caravan strives to develop an all new language for the traditional craft in components for contemporary jewellery and products of modern utility.


Product Details

  • Contents Set of 2 Handcrafted Bidri Coasters
  • Colour Natural Black
  • Material 925 Sterling Silver on Bidri Alloy
  • Design Detail Square Coasters. Waves Motif. 925 Sterling Silver Inlay.

Promoting Indian Craftsmanship

Handcrafted in Bidar, Sterling Silver Wire Inlay. Authentic Craft Source.


A special soil found only in the darker parts of Bidar Fort can be used for Bidri work. The artisans test the quality of the soil by tasting it with the tips of their tongues, a skill passed down from generation to generation. Click Here to know more about Bidri craft.