About us

Caravan’s Mission

Caravan bridges the gap between the rich reservoir of traditional Indian craftsmanship and the evolving needs of contemporary living. In so doing, it seeks to revive a diverse and glorious artistic heritage 
and aims to protect the livelihood of artisans.


India to us is not a space restrained by geographysical borders but a state of boundless intelligence and creativity. Ours is an ancient but evolved consciousness that celebrates the ability to look farther back into the history of our legendary civilisations, deeper into an intuitive, ingenious essence, and wider without, to openly embrace and absorb the finest the world has to offer.

Inventions come naturally to us of Indic origin. At Caravan, we celebrate that and have instilled that quality into an underlying work philosophy and ethic. We combine cutting edge global know-how, on-edge fashion trends, an irrefutable ancient wisdom and timeless handcraftmanship to create unique, superior and exotic products that infuse the state-of-the-art into craft. 


Caravan Evolved Craft Private Limited (CECPL) is a Limited Liability Company headquartered in Bangalore, India. The Company aims to serve the twin purpose of:

  • Supporting and growing traditional Indic artisanal skills; and
  • Building a successful commercial enterprise by meeting contemporary needs of customers globally.

The Company sells products under its brand - CARAVAN. The Company was incorporated in 2008 and launched the brand in 2013 after research with artisans and customers. 

CECPL is a National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) partner. NSDC is a Public-Private Enterprise under the Ministry of Skill Development.

Social Impact

Caravan focuses on improving the livelihood of traditional artisans in India. To this end, it ensures that every product has a core element of authentic craftwork from India integrated into it.
To achieve the level of sophistication required to meet the evolving needs of customers, there is continuous and deep engagement with the communities to improve processes and quality of workmanship. This, more often than not, requires formal training programmes for the artisans. So far, CECPL has trained thousands of artisans in India.


The Company was founded by Kunal R Sachdev (Managing Director & CEO, CECPL), who has more than 25+ years of experience of which 15+ years have been in CXO positions. 

Kunal is supported by a team of professionals with significant domain expertise. 

CECPL has created a successful model through its Design and Artisan Engagement teams capable of engaging large artisan communities for scale and consistency of product.